So yesterday instead of going with the group I went to my brother’s graduation, and I wrote this poem about it.

Participation is key.

So many put it down.

The act of trying as not being enough.

For me, though it is fine.

He participated, and in that condition-

In that condition it is everything.

I wrote this poem about how everyone in his class got a prize, and I heard people putting that idea down saying that it made all the kids special snowflakes and they needed reality to hit. I liked it though. My brother is a little special as he has sensory issues and can’t speak that well, but I am just happy they help him feel more special and extraordinary.


3 thoughts on “Radcliffe

  1. Just make sure to fix your grammar gaffe! You wrote that your brother “can’t talk to well”… change this to “can’t speak very well”. It fixes all of the issues including the incorrect usage of the word “talk” as well as the wrong type of “to” (too).

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